Boarding FAQs

What are your hours?

We are open Monday-Sunday from 7:30am to 8pm.


Do you board just hunting dogs (gun dogs)?

No. We will board any medium to large breed dog. Due to our format of group supervised recreation time, small dogs could get “caught up in the wash”.


Is there any “evaluation” required for my dog to stay at Blowing Springs Kennel?

If it is your dog’s first visit to Blowing Springs Kennel, we do require that you and your dog come by for a free visit so we can meet all of you. Due to our group recreation format, we need to meet new dogs before they come for boarding.


What do I need to bring with my dog for boarding?

The only thing that’s required is a current shot record. We can make a copy of it or your vet can email it to us. If you would like us to feed your food, feel free to bring it with you. If not, we will feed our food (the charge is the same). Each kennel has a Kuranda raised bed for your dogs comfort, but feel free to bring any pillows or blankets for their additional comfort.


Is someone on site 24 hours?

No. However someone is at the facility from 7:00 am until after 9:00 pm daily. We have gates, metal doors, and high security locks. We also have a state of the art security and surveillance system in place.