Training FAQs

How long does it take to “train a dog”?

This is totally dependent on several factors. The first is age of the dog, but more specifically the amount of bad habits the dog has. The second factor is what it is that you want the dog to do. There are a couple of “sure things” when it comes to this question. During your dogs stay at Blowing Springs Kennel, they will be better tomorrow than they are today. The other sure thing is that we will never ever tell you how long your dog needs to stay with us. That is totally up to you. We charge by the night, so you only pay for the “nights” that your dog is with us.


Do you guarantee your training?

Yes, to a point. We guarantee that your dog will be better tomorrow than it is today. Further, if you leave your dog with us for a period of time and you don’t see improvement, you don’t owe us a dime. If you don’t feel we’ve improved communication between you and your dog, we haven’t done our job.


Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered to stay at Blowing Springs Kennel?

No. We have trained and boarded literally thousands of dogs. We have discovered that spaying or neutering has little to no effect on behavior.


Is it really a “no-bark” environment?

YES. There is no other facility that is as clean and as quiet as Blowing Springs Kennel. We are proof that “calm breeds calm” when it comes to boarding dogs. The most common question asked once someone visits is, “Are there really dogs in there?”. Come by and see (or hear) for yourself.


What is included in the cost of training?

In a word; everything, boarding, food, administering any medications, and supervised recreation time. Also included are the training sessions for the owners. This is the single most important part of our training.