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Roddy Reynolds

Blowing Springs Kennel was started by Roddy Reynolds. Established in 2009 as a hunting Lab kennel, we have expanded to meet the needs of all kinds of dogs. Giving a dog a job is what we do whether it is waiting for their food or retrieving pheasant in the fields of South Dakota.


Roddy actually began his venture not with dogs, but with horses. If you have met Roddy you have surely heard him say, "Would you let a horse do that?" The methods that we use started there and have been developed and passed down to our best asset, which is our employees. Roddy has assembled a fine set of workers and trainers that all believe in, practice, and promote making your dog the best that it can be. 

The result of Roddy's hard work and constant push for consistency and clarity in training creates an environment that your dog will love, and will be very excited about coming back to time and again. 


Kayden Preston, Owner

Kayden has been at this facility for over 6 years. He learned so much from Roddy. He has also added his own expertise to training. He is passionate about both obedience and hunt training. 

Featuring: Kit and Scotch

Jessica Preston, Owner

Jessica has been at this facility for three years. She is now part time and helps with anything needed. 

Featuring: Scotch and Java

Anniepearl, Trainer

Anniepearl has been at this facility for a year. She has learned how to train from Kayden, and she is eager and passionate about learning more every day. 

Featuring: Otto, Delta, Diesel 

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