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Boarding REquirements
About Boarding

At BSK we have a no bark facility, when your dog comes to stay with us it will be welcomed into a quiet and calm atmosphere. We want your dogs to be happy and healthy when they stay here and when they go home.


You will find that after just one stay that your dog loves coming back. We let dogs out community style, meaning they get to go out and enjoy being out with up to 20 dogs at a time. 

Everyone knows that a dog loves going outside and that is  why we go outside every 2-3 hours for 30 minutes at least 6 times a day. 

When your dog stays with us we feed, let out, distribute medication and of course share a little affection free of additional charges. We serve a very high quality food Fromm Gold puppy and adult food, although if you wish to bring your own, you are more than welcome. 

We will always treat your dog as we treat our own. We only want the best for our guests and their owners! 

  • Must be a medium to large breed. Adult size of 35lb minimum. 

  • A copy of your most recent vet records, must be up to date on vaccinations, rabies, bordatella, and be taking heart worm and flea/tick medication. 

  • Boarding Agreement covering necessary client and dog information. (We will give this to you)

  • Boarding Evaluation, we require a quick test for aggression and behavioral issues prior to your first stay as a means to protect your dog, other dogs, and our staff. 

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