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Our facilities are custom built and designed to take dogs to the next level. Our training area, which we call "the green room" provides a low distraction environment so we can get a good fast start, before we head out into more difficult training environments. 

BSK Chattanooga.JPG

This is the front side of the kennel, we call it A-Side, this is typically where you will find our training dogs. We have it set up in such a way that helps us teach dogs several things, including not eating rocks, sticks, mulch and grass as well as teaching them not to chase cars and bark at our wonderful clients when they pull into the driveway. 

This side belongs to the boarders, this is the B-Side. Even though they have plenty of space to roam around, a lot of the time these guys will hang out on this wall, where they know they are going to get some attention and affection from our employees. 

BsK Grounds.PNG

We are very lucky in that our training grounds consist of so much more than what you see when you pull in the driveway. We have been given access to hundreds of acres, which include Lookout Mountain mountainside with hiking trails, hay fields, corn fields, wooded land, and just about every type of environment needed to train a good hunting dog.... or any adventure seeking dog. We even have a regulation size dock jumping dock, because everyone knows our RoddyDogs can fly! 

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