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At Blowing Springs Kennel we have high expectations for dogs. We have trained thousands of dogs and we have seen what they are truly capable of. We are excited when we have the opportunity to teach new owners how to speak a new language that their dog will understand. Training is a skill that is developed, and anyone can do it. The real answer to dog training is that the owner is the one who needs most of the work. All of our training has a heavy focus on bringing owners in and spending time with them so that when they take their dog home, they can continue to have success and improve whether that dog is young or old. We love to start training as early as possible, with our own puppies, we start at just 2 days old. We are their life referee and we are the ultimate decider in how they behave and live their life, so give your pup the best opportunity for greatness by coming down to BSK and getting a jump start on making the best dog you have ever had. 

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