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Obedience Training

3 Week Session

Our 3 week training program designed to make not only your dog better, but you too. Our program focuses on 3 obedience principles, Sit, Heel and No. These 3 skills are the foundation of a good education for a pup. While everything starts here, we train for many different skills and abilities per the request of our clients. We train hunting dogs, office dogs, teacher dogs, trail dogs, running dogs, and so much more, please inquire about how we can help you and your pup become even better!


We like for you and everyone who is involved with the dog to come for at least three lessons during the three weeks of training. It is so important that you learn how to communicate with your dog. Even after the three weeks is up, you can always come back for free lessons for the rest of your dog's life! We want to ensure that you are confident and have a full understanding of how to communicate with your dog. 

Rate: $1,200

Week 1-

Our trainers work on everything in our green room! This allows us to create a bond, practice new skills with a controlled environment, and set a solid foundation. 

Skills learned-

  • Loading up with and without little distractions

  • Walking at heel

  • Sitting for long periods of time

  • Come when called with little distractions


Week 2-

Our trainers work on everything outside with added distractions! We practice all the same skills but outside for longer periods of time. We will begin walking outside around other dogs, on our hiking trail, and practice come when called outside.  We also work on loading up in the car!

hike 2.jpg

Week 3-

Our trainers work on everything in the real world. We take your dog around people, places, and things. We have the same expectations at Ace, the park, and around kids. 


Short Term Training

After you complete our three week program, you can always come back for board and train! You can board and train your dog for as little or long as you wish, whether that be day training, a week, or a year.  So if you wish, when you go out of town, instead of just boarding, we can get a little training done as well. 

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